Public buildings

Did you know all local governments are required on a regular basis to inspect all public buildings? This includes:

  • Occupational Safety and Health inspections

  • Disability inclusion accessibility

The latter is particularly onerous and inspection requirements will be different for each building, inside and out.

Housing stock

Many rural shires include rental houses in their inventory of assets. Each is inspected prior to a new tenant moving in, and prior to an outgoing tenant receiving any bond money. Houses vary in size, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and amenities, garden area etc, and inspections are time consuming.

Inspect can be tailored by your admin staff to suit any housing configuration. Once field data and accompanying photographic evidence has been collected, the resultant inspection report can be generated in one click.

Property agents and strata managers can also save significant amounts of time in conducting:

  • Commercial Property inspections

  • Physical Management Checklist inspections

  • Rental Property inspections.

No standardised inspection process?

Staff turnover is particularly high in the building industry, necessitating training and upskilling new staff, sometimes at considerable cost. We know what it feels like to start a new job and have no guidelines to follow to do your job. Unfortunately we have this noticed too often in our travels. 

Inspect will help your staff think about how they currently do their job, how these processes should be documented, and allow them to create inspection type templates to align with these business processes. Inspect can help provide a standardised easy to learn inspection or monitoring process, allowing new staff to be on boarded as quickly as possible.

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