Environmental Health Services

Every time the general public eat out they take their lives into their own hands. 

Environmental Health Officer, WA Rural Shire. 


Food outlets not inspected?

How often? Once a year? Every three to five years? 

How do you deal with food inspections at public events?

Inspect enables you to create different sorts of food assessments for different purposes.

Health - water tank.jpg

Gut instinct instead or fact?

Can you see trends such as lack of hand washing or water contamination? Can't prove it?


  • Includes one click instant reporting

  • Allows re-inspection intervals

  • Provides visibility of all inspection types conducted on a single property

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Want to save time?

We KNOW how long a food assessment or a septic tank pre-approval takes. Want to save time in processing them?


  • Can pre-fill application forms

  • Generates the AFSA form instantly from field data

  • Can generate waste stats reports for government entities with one click