Firebreak Inspections

Do you know how safe your community is?

In our travels we meet a lot of rangers, health and building inspectors in the local government sector. Whilst they do a fantastic, and often thankless job of keeping our communities safe, we have heard some disturbing stories.

Can YOU prove you have done your inspections properly?


Where am I?

Are property boundaries not obvious? Has a warning letter been sent to the wrong property owner? Inspect:

  • shows exactly where you are

  • displays property outline

  • enables one click to start inspecting

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Have I seen this before?

Has this property owner offended before? Inspect:

  • provides instant access in the field to historical inspection data

  • provides details of property ownership

  • add new problems in the field

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How can I save time?

There are only two of us, how can we inspect thousands of properties this season? Inspect's standardized process:

  • saves up to 60% of processing time

  • speeds up training for casual staff

  • will keep you out of court!