External reporting

As well as having to report to your own management, are you required to send regular reports of your activities to outside entities, including government departments? Will your reports feed into the Bureau of Statistics? If you currently spend a lot of time creating these reports, we can help reduce the effort involved.

No standardised inspection process?

Staff turnover is particularly high in the building industry, necessitating training and upskilling new staff, sometimes at considerable cost. We know what it feels like to start a new job and have no guidelines to follow to do your job. Unfortunately we have this noticed too often in our travels. 

Inspect will help your staff think about how they currently do their job, how these processes should be documented, and allow them to create inspection type templates to align with these business processes. Inspect can help provide a standardised easy to learn inspection or monitoring process, allowing new staff to be on boarded as quickly as possible.

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