Too much to do? 

Engineers in government authorities undertake a large range of inspection and monitoring activities, including bridges, roads, drainage and bus shelters. 

Whilst there have been some mobile applications on the market to assist engineers in the field, they tend to be for specific inspection types, such as bridge inspections. Inspect is configurable, and also allows for sharing of inspection type templates with other users of Inspect, dramatically reducing the time taken to create an initial inspection template. 

Risk assessments?

Engineers in our south west told us how time consuming it was to inspect drainage infrastructure. They are required to undertake risk assessments by inserting cameras into drains, some of which are over 100 years old. Resulting actions will be in the form of internal work notices, which Inspect can generate automatically from data collected in the field.

Hazards of the job

A small country WA wheatbelt shire does not know how many culverts are present in their area. Some are recorded in their asset register, but they find a great many more when the grader falls in one!