Verge inspections

We are all inclined to whinge about the cost of our rates, but few of us know what our local governments have to do with our money. When working with one medium sized council we learnt where some of it goes. 

Prior to any new development engineering staff will inspect the property verges, drains, street trees, footpath and other infrastructure maintained by the council. Any cracks and pre-existing damage are carefully recorded. After the development is completed another inspection occurs, changes or damage noted, and a bill to recoup costs of this damage is sent to the developer. Prior to using Inspect these inspections were time consuming and not overly effective. The inspection is now automated, and includes photographic evidence. Engineering staff report a reduction in processing time from 10 minutes to 1 minute per inspection. With over 100 building applications, each requiring a pre and post construction inspection, this represents considerable savings on this inspection type. Engineers are able to use Inspect for a wide range of inspection types, each with similar time and effort savings.