WA Metro Council : Non-compliant inspections

A large city council engaged inexperienced / contract staff to conduct seasonal firebreak inspections. Two week's worth of inspections had been conducted before someone realised the data was not compliant with required inspection standards. These properties had to be reinspected. On average a firebreak inspector using Inspect completes one firebreak inspection every three minutes.

Not enough resources?

Unfortunately many shires are under resourced so make a conscious decision to inspect only high risk properties within their remit. These may include different firebreak inspection types such as:

  • Indefensible properties

  • Townland

  • Rural properties

All are done on paper, are time consuming to process and don't provide a secure audit trail.

Do you have time to waste?

Experienced inspectors know their areas, repeat offenders and properties containing exemptions, or Variation to Firebreak Orders. Contractors or inexperienced staff won't know this and may issue property owners with an unnecessary Work Order or Infringement.

Inspect provides you with the ability to add details of VFOs or exemptions to property data available at your fingertips in the field.

Existing software not as good as it should be? WA Rural Council

Several rural shires have told us they are already using a firebreak application, which is great to hear. Unfortunately one of these failed to upload 2 weeks' worth of inspection data from a hand held device, necessitating reinspection of those properties.

We have also heard of another system which has taken 2 years to configure correctly for a large rural council's requirements. Inspect provides organisations with a "starter" firebreak template which can be easily adapted by your staff in minutes to suit your specific requirements. 

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