Education not antagonism?

In our experience most Environmental Health Officers are passionate not only about doing their best to keep their community safe, but to assist their customers to do the same. EHOs prefer to educate rather than infringe.

EHOs use Inspect's easy reporting facilities to identify common problems encountered on their rounds. They may then choose to develop a targeted education campaign to resolve specific issues or problematic geographic areas.

Property overviews

Unfortunately it is not always possible to easily gather information on an individual property, especially in larger organisations where inspectorates tend to operate in individual silos. Inspect provides the ability for administrators to gain a "big picture" view of activities surrounding a single property. A larger property operating as a B&B, for example, may have:

  • Swimming pool inspection

  • Boarding house inspection

  • AFSA inspection

  • Cat/dog registration

  • Firebreak inspection etc

Are you currently able to identify problem properties or owners? And if so can you provide rock solid proof of any concerning trends or problems?