Not enough resources?

Do you know how many rangers are employed by your local council?

Several metropolitan councils have developed new and exciting initiatives to provide 24 hour ranger services. Whilst this is a great service to our communities, it can come at a cost to staff morale and workload. Unfortunately we have heard of at least one of these organisations  which does not seem to have allowed for seasonal outbreaks of illness that often sweep though worksites, unexpected personal emergencies, or staff wanting to take leave at a similar time, such as school holidays. Staff burnout may be inevitable, particularly as longer hours means increased paperwork - especially as inspections are still being undertaken on paper.

Costs too much?

Staffing and funding constraints mean inspections such as cat registration checks are either low priority or are not done at all. By streamlining highest priority inspections Inspect saves valuable time, which can be deployed to previously neglected inspections.

One outer metro council engaged developers to make a small change to the dog registration module in their current system. The cost was over $2,000. Inspect is designed to enable administrators to make these small changes themselves in minutes, free of charge, and at any time.

Too much paperwork?

Rangers have enough to do without having to double enter field data by hand into administrative systems. Several rangers have told us it currently takes up to 15 minutes per inspection loading data into their core rates database. Inspect will enable approval and filing of each inspection in under a minute.

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