WA - various city councils

The Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) Waste Manager told us about a spate of illegal dumping found neighbouring city council bushland by rangers on patrol. We admit our minds ran wild at the thought of hundreds of illegally dumped mattresses rampant in our suburbs, however it is a serious matter, ultimately leading to our rates being used to dispose of them correctly.

Inspect can potentially provide an overview of such events, enabling cooperation and combined cross council decision making.

Rural WA

A ranger on patrol discovered a property deemed to be uninhabitable and with a yard full of rubbish. Technically a matter for the Environmental Health Officer, the ranger was able to use Inspect to capture the data as an ad hoc inspection, providing the EHO with relevant information and data almost instantly.

Dangerous dogs?

Unfortunately these do exist, as do dangerous people. We have heard of several rural rangers who are required to attend some properties in pairs, and may be greeted with a shotgun.

Inspect can enable administrators to create a specific dangerous dog inspection, and include vital notes to ensure the safety of inspectors required to attend that property.

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