Case Studies

Inspect has been used for several years by local government authorities of varying sizes to undertake a range of inspection, monitoring and auditing activities.

Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire     Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire    Shire of Dardanup


Firebreak Inspections

Each firebreak season 1-2 Emergency Services and/or Ranger Services staff at the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale undertake inspections of over 12,000 properties within the Shire. Non compliant properties may be subject to a further two rounds of inspections. Prior to using inspect the Shire did not have enough resources to complete the first round of inspections. Inspect enables 1 person to complete all three rounds well before the end of the four month firebreak season.


  • Time saved processing 100 inspections = 1 week

  • Initial outlay repaid within 1 firebreak season though saved processing times and legal costs saved

Firebreak No Break.JPG

Bushfire Risk Mitigation

In 2018 the Shire began using Inspect to undertake initial Bushfire Risk Mitigation Audits of all the Shire’s 178 dedicated bush reserves. The Shire worked with Zoodata to develop the Bushfire Risk Mitigation Audit template, which enables the Auditor to record current conditions, areas of concern, and take location recorded photographic evidence to enable contractors to undertake required rectification works. Regular audits will be undertake to monitor each reserve.

Swimming Pool 6.JPG

Fully Integrated Inspection Lifecycle Management

The Shire of Dardanup chose Inspect  as they wanted a flexible reasonably priced inspection solution to suit the needs of a rapidly growing Shire. Inspect provides an automated solution for a wide range of inspections undertake by the Shire, integrating with the Shire’s bespoke SharePoint environment. Documents generated by Inspect are automatically filed in the correct place.

Inspection types include:

  • Verge inspections

  • Parking infringements

  • Firebreaks

  • Food Safety

  • Swimming pools

  • OHS

  • etc